Anyone can gain access to a decent camera, it’s easier than ever to fall into the wave of trends. Yet there is nothing worse than a beautiful picture with a concept that is out of focus. Beautiful images will only go so far, eventually you’ll need a unique story or point of view that will resonate with an audience. Furthermore, if your goal is show your work on a platform, a creative director’s sole purpose is to produce and curate a distinct body of work. If you want them to find you, the only way you’re going to stand out is if your work showcases a unique perspective.

I’m excited to share the beginning of a personal photojournalism project I’ve been scheming on for the past two years or so. It’s called “Pursuit,” and it exists to diversify the story. Through Pursuit I’ll capture unapologetic portraits of people as they strive for greatness. The path to success is grueling, exciting, scary, and even lonely at times. Yet there is beauty in the struggle. I aim to capture moments that are big and loud as well as those small intimate and quiet moments. It’s a celebration of individuals who aren’t afraid to get scrappy and define their own ideals/paths to success.

Roam Recklessly in your fearless pursuit!

First up is The Left Field Theory (TLFT). A collective of music artists that are creating the sound for the unclaimed rap scene of Orlando. As a city, Orlando has been in a constant battle to define itself apart from the tourist mecca of Disney and Universal. It’s growing and building its own identity and in the midst of it all is TLFT, a bunch of “broke artists battling for glory,” as they put it. Yes they’re rappers, and many people may dismiss them because of that. Yet they’re people first. They’re someone’s son, or someone’s brother, and just like this city, they’re building their own identities.

l1000996Saturdays in the Stu – Doms

l1000962Zae the Philosopher

l1000994Managing your Vices

l1000957Surfin’ the web

l1001024Rainy days.